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Development and Progress of the Rice Whiteners

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The Development Status of Rice Whitener Worldwide.

With the growth of the world population, food production has been promoted to a strategic position, rice as one of the basic grains, its production and processing are also highly valued by all countries. As necessary machine for rice processing, the rice whitener plays a vital role in improving the grain utilization rate. The technology of rice whitener from Japan leads around the world. Although China's rice milling machinery is constantly improving and innovating, some of which are in line with international standards, there is still a certain gap between the overall technical level and foreign advanced technology.

The Development Process of Rice Whitener in China.

The rice whitener industry has experienced a development process from small to large, from not standard to standard. At the end of the 20th century, China's rice milling machinery industry developed rapidly, and foreign capital and domestic private capital successively entered the rice milling machinery market. Foreign advanced technology and management experience have effectively promoted the rapid development of China's rice milling industry. The relevant state departments have redesigned the standardization, serialization and generalization of existing rice milling machinery in a timely manner, thus changing the situation of complicated models and backward economic indicators in China’s rice milling machine industry, making the industry develop to the direction of high technology, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

In recent years, with the development of China's rural economy, the adjustment of national industrial policies and the improvement of people's living standards, the rice milling machines has entered a new round of adjustment stage. The product structure tends to be more reasonable, product quality be safer and more reliable with market requirements. Technical research and development personnel and rice milling enterprises have been aiming at high efficiency, energy saving, cost reduction, and improvement of rice quality, constantly making up for the shortcomings of existing rice milling machines and adding new design concepts. At present, some large and medium-sized products have been exported to Asia, Africa and Latin America and other major global rice producing areas, and have independent intellectual property rights.

MNMLS46 Vertical Rice Whitener with Emery Roller (2)

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