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FMN Rice Whitener with Double Emery Rollers

1. Unique design of the rotary whitening chamber, unique double rolls designed side by side
2. Convenient and quick replacement of rice screens.
3. Simultaneous feeding and high output.
1. Designed and manufactured by using two patent technologies, built-in motor, small floor area and beautiful profile;

2. Jet-air and air locking technique with double pressure gates, the air volume passing through the whitening chamber is
     above 2.5 times more than that of normal rice whiteners and rice temperature rise can be restrained effectively;

3. Equipped with aspirating device for material feeding and discharging, dynamic cooling the white rice, low temperature of
    discharged rice, low bran content and little broken rice;

4. Double feeding gates with magnetic separating devices, fine adjustment of flow rate:

5. Unique design of rotary whitening chamber, convenient and quick replacement of rice screens;

6. Unique double rolls designed side by side, simultaneous feeding and high output.

FMN1818C FMN2525C
Capacity (kg/h) 5000-6000 7000-8000
Air volume (m3/h) 2800-3500 3600-4200
Static Pressure (Pa) 1500-2000 1500-2000
Power (kw) 37+3, 45+3 55+3
Dimension (mm) 2000*1000*2068 2106*1000*2108

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