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MLGQ-B Double Body Pneumatic Rice Huller

1. Double body structure, double capacity, less area occupy;
2. Both feeding gate and rubber rollers are pneumatic controlled;
3. The feeding flow and air volume adjusted by adjustable handle.
MLGQ-B series double body automatic pneumatic rice huller is new generation rice hulling machine which developed by our company. It is a automatical air pressure rubber roller husker, mainly used for paddy husking and separation. Is with characteristics such as high automation, large capacity, fine effect, and convenient operation. It can satisfy the requirement of mechatronics of modern rice milling equipment, necessary and ideal upgrade product for large modern rice milling enterprise in centralization production.
1. Double body structure, double capacity but less area occupy. 
2. Opening for feeding gate and pressure between the rubber rollers are automatically controlled by pneumatic
3. The feeding flow and air volume adjusted by adjustable handle.
4. Different speed of double rollers is interchanged by gear shift, easy to operate.
5. Continuous voltage regulation, uniform pressure. Continously regulate the pressure of roller engagement more
    uniformly than by weight balanced, reduced the broken rate and enhance the exuviating effect. 
Model MLGQ25B×2 MLGQ36B×2 MLGQ51B×2
Output(t/h) 4-6 8-10 12-14
Power(kw) 5.5×2 7.5×2 11×2
Rubber roller size(Dia.×L) (mm) φ255×254(10”) φ225×356(14”) φ255×510(20”)
Net Weight(kg) 1000 1400 1700
Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 1910×1090×2162 1980×1348×2170 1980×1418×2227
Air volume(m3/h) 5000-6000 6000-8000 7000-10000
Broken rate Long-grain rice ≤ 4%, Short-grain rice ≤ 1.5%

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