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Rice Plant

These articles are all highly relevant Rice Plant. I believe this information can help you understand Rice Plant's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • [People May Ask] Paddy Plant
    The term "paddy plant" typically refers to the rice plant (Oryza sativa), which is commonly grown in flooded fields or paddies. Rice is one of the most important staple crops worldwide, providing a significant portion of the world’s population with a major source of sustenance.
  • [Company News] Ten Containers of Complete Rice Processing Plant Have Been Loaded to Nigeria
    On Jan 11th, complete set of 240TPD rice processing plant has been completely loaded into ten 40HQ containers and would be on their delivery by sea to Nigeria soon. This plant can produce about 10 tons white finished rice per hour, which is designed to produce high quality refined rice.
  • [Cases] 120TPD Complete Rice Milling Line Has Been Finished On Installation In Nepal
    After almost two months of installation, the 120T/D complete rice milling line has almost installed in Nepal under our engineer’s guiding. The boss of rice factory started and tested the rice milling machines personally, all the machines run very well during the test.
  • [Cases] 150TPD Complete Rice Milling Plant Begin to be Installed
    Nigerian customer started to install his 150T/D complete rice milling plant, now the concrete platform has been almost finished. FOTMA will also provide online guidance at any time to ensure the smooth progress of this installation job. This 150T/D rice milling plant can produce about 6-7 tons white
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