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Want International Rice Milling Machinery Agents Global

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Rice is our main meal in our daily life. Rice is what we humans need all the time on the earth. So rice market is boom. How to get white rice from raw paddy? Of course rice milling machinery is indispensable. With our company increasing development and growth, our company wants rice milling machinery agents global. Next we introduce our company firstly.

FOTMA Machinery is a professional Rice Milling Machinery Manufacturer in China with rich experience. We sell our rice processing machines in cities all over our country. At the same time, we export rice milling machinery to foreign countries such as Iran, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Korea, Tanzania, Guatemala. etc., some of our customers in these countries have become our long-term agents.

If you are interested in our rice milling machinery and company, and you want to invest in rice processing industry, please feel free to contact us. We’d better talk that in detail. Look forward to your joining and wish to cooperate with you for a long time.

120tpd rice milling line flow chart

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