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FOTMA Machinery has been devoted to the research and development of rice mill machine ever since 1990s, with more than 30-year experience, FOTMA rice mill has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of rice mill machines and parboiled rice mill plants, etc. ​​​​​​​
Professinal Technical Team for Rice Milling Machines
Professinal Technical Team for Rice Milling Engineering and Installation
Over Than 30 Years Experience on Rice Milling Manufacturing and Designing
Over 30 Years Experience on Rice Milling Manufacturing and Designing
Rice Machines Were Exported to More Than 40 Countries
Our Rice Milling Machines Were Exported to More Than 40 Countries
Full Line of Rice Milling Products
Full Line of Advanced Rice Milling Machines for Your Choice
Best Sales of Rice Mill in 2023
We supply complete rice milling line from 15t/d to 1000t/d, and all of them can be designed according to your requirements.
Complete Rice Milling Line
60-70t/day automatic rice mill plant is a complete rice milling line that can process 4-4.5 ton raw paddy and produce 2.5-3 ton white rice per hour. It is composed of elevators, vibration cleaner, destoner, rice huller, rice polisher, rice grader, silky polisher, color sorter, packing and bagging machine, etc..
Complete Rice Milling Line
150T/day modern auto rice mill line can produce about 6-6.5 tons white rice per hour. This rice mill line include elevators, paddy cleaner, de-stoner, rice husker, rice whitener, rice grader, mist polisher, color sorter, packing machine and other accessories. It can produce high quality white rice and pack the finished rice into bags.
Complete Rice Milling Line
The 300 ton/day modern rice milling machinery can produce about 12-13 tons white rice per hour. It is a complete set of rice milling plant designed to produce high quality refined rice, includes cleaning, hulling, whitening, polishing, sorting, grading and packing, all the operation is completely automatical controlled. This large scale complete rice milling line is recognized for its reliable performance, less maintenance, longer service life and enhanced durability.
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Paddy Destoner

A paddy destoner is a piece of agricultural equipment used in rice processing to remove stones, rocks, and other heavy impurities from paddy rice (unhusked rice) or brown rice (rice with the outer husk still intact). Removing these impurities is essential because they can damage milling equipment an

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Rice Mill Whitener.jpg
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Rice Mill Whitener

A rice mill whitener is a crucial component in the rice milling process, specifically designed to improve the appearance and quality of milled rice. It is responsible for removing the outer bran layer, or "pericarp," from brown rice kernels to produce polished or white rice. Here are the key feature

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Rice Husk Milling Machine.jpg
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Rice Husk Milling Machine

A rice husk milling machine, often referred to as a rice husk grinder or rice husk pulverizer, is a piece of equipment used to process rice husks into a finer form. Rice husks are the outer protective layers of rice grains and are typically removed during the rice milling process. These husks can be

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Modern Rice Mill Cost

The cost of setting up a modern rice mill can vary widely depending on various factors, including the size and capacity of the mill, the location, the quality of equipment and machinery, the source of power supply, and other infrastructure requirements. As of my last knowledge update in September 20

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