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  • [Company News] The Clients from Nigeria Visited Us

    On Oct 23, Nigerian customers visited our company and inspected our rice machinery, accompanied by our sales manager. During the conversation, they expressed their trust in us and their expectations for cooperation.

  • [Company News] Customers from Nigeria Visited Our Factory

    On Sep 3rd, Nigerian customers visited our factory and gained a deeper understanding of our company and machinery under the introduction of our sales manager. They inspected the equipment on site, affirmed the quality of our products, and expressed their satisfaction with our professional explanatio

  • [Company News] Customer from Nigeria Visited Us

    On July 9th, Mr. Abraham from Nigeria visited our factory and inspected our machines for rice milling. He expressed his affirmation and satisfaction with the professionalism of our company, and is willing to cooperate with us continuously!

  • [Company News] The Nigerian Customer Visited Our Factory

    On June 18th, the Nigerian customer visited our factory and inspected the machine. Our manager gave a detailed introduction for all our rice equipment. After conversation, he affirmed our professional explanation and expressed willingness to cooperate with us after returning.

  • [Industry News] Development and Progress of the Rice Whiteners

    The Development Status of Rice Whitener Worldwide With the growth of the world population, food production has been promoted to a strategic position, rice as one of the basic grains, its production and processing are also highly valued by all countries. As necessary machine for rice processing.

  • [Company News] Bangladeshi Clients Visited Us

    On August 8th, Bangladeshi clients visited our company, inspected our rice machines, and communicated with us in detail. They expressed their satisfaction with our company and their willingness to cooperate with FOTMA in depth.

  • [Company News] The New 70-80TPD Rice Milling Line for Nigeria is Dispatched

    In the end of June, 2018, we dispatched a new 70-80t/d complete rice milling line to Shanghai port for container loading. This is rice processing plant will be loaded onto the ship to Nigeria.

  • [Industry News] The Last Kilometer of Grain Mechanized Production

    The construction and development of modern agriculture can not be separated from agricultural mechanization. As an important carrier of modern agriculture, the promotion of agricultural mechanization will not only improve the level of agricultural production technology,

  • [Industry News] Booming Advance for Integrating AI into Grain and Oil Processing

    Nowadays, with the technical rapid development, Unmanned economy is quietly coming. Different from traditional way, customer "brushed his face" into the store. The mobile phone can be paid automatically directly through the payment gate after selecting the goods.

  • [Company News] Our Service Team Visited Nigeria

    Since Jan 10th to 21th, our Sales Managers and Engineers visited Nigeria, to provide installation guiding and after-sales service for some of the end users.


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