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Advanced Processing Technology Enhance The Rice Taste And Nutrition
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Excellent Technical Team, 24-hour Response
Professional Designing and Installation Service
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FOTMA has Succesfully Installed and Commissioned more than 
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70-80 t/day Complete Rice Milling Plant
70-80t/day complete rice milling plant is a rice processing line, which can process 4.5-5 ton paddy into 3-3.5 ton white rice per hour. It is composed of elevators, vibration cleaner, destoner, rice huller, rice polisher, rice grader, silky polisher, color sorter, packing scale, etc..
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120T/D Modern Rice Processing Line
120T/day modern rice processing line is a new generation complete rice milling line which can produce about 5 ton white rice per hour. This rice plant include paddy cleaner, de-stoner, rice husker, rice whitener, rice grader, mist polisher, color sorter, packing machine, etc.
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150TPD Modern Auto Rice Mill Line
150T/day modern auto rice mill line can produce about 6-6.5 tons white rice per hour. This rice mill line include elevators, paddy cleaner, de-stoner, rice husker, rice whitener, rice grader, mist polisher, color sorter, packing machine and other accessories. It can produce high quality white rice and pack the finished rice into bags.
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240TPD Complete Rice Processing Plant
240T/day complete rice processing plant can produce about 10 tons white rice per hour. Besides the necessary machines, the flow scale can help you to know the production capacity everyday, the length grader bring you the most refined rice, the rice cooling bin offer you more smooth operation, the pulse type dust collectors provide you dust-free workshop, etc.
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A Leading Manufacturer And Reliable Supplier For Rice Milling

FOTMA Machinery has been devoted to the research and development of rice mill machine ever since 1990s, with more than 30-year experience, FOTMA rice mill has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of rice mill machines and parboiled rice mill plants, etc.
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FM-RG Series CCD Rice Color Sorter
13 core technologies are blessed, stronger applicability and more durable; One machine has multiple sorting models, which can easily control the sorting needs of different colors, yellow, whites and other process points, and perfectly create cost-effective sorting of popular items.
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MGCZ Paddy Separator
1. High productivity, low consumption; 2. Durable quality, good applicability and smooth running; 3. Compact structure and small bulk;
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MGCZ Double Body Paddy Separator
1. Compact construction, smooth running, easy maintenance; 2. Low noise, low power consumption, big capacity per unit sieve area; 3. High automation, easy operation; Strong separating, wide applicability;
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TQSF-A Suction Type Gravity Destoner
1. Adopt double vibration motors, amplitude is adjustable ;  2. Great cleaning effect and no flying dust 3. Indurative and durable
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TQSX Suction Type Gravity Destoner
1. No Spreading powder or dust; 2. Good performance, stable running; 3. Large capacity, high destoning efficiency; 4. Convenient to operate, easy to clean and maintain.
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TQSF120×2 Double-deck Rice Destoner
1. Modern design, firm and compact structure; 2. Small covering space, high efficiency; 3. No lubication is required.
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TQSX Double-layer Gravity Destoner
1. Adopt vibration motor drive machanism, stable running, fastness and reliability; 2. Reliable performance, low vibration, low noise; 3. No dust spreading. 4. Convenint to operate and maintain.
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DCS-50A Series Semi-auto Rice Packing Scale
Touch-screen type and Button type control box are optional; Conveyor lifting can be manual type or auto type; Good quality, cheap price.
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MMJX Rotary Rice Grader Machine
MMJX Series Rotary Rice Grader Machine utilize the different size of of rice particle to sort out the whole meter, general meter, large broken, small broken through the sieve plate with different diameter hole continuous screening, to achieve different white rice classification.
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TCQY Drum Pre-Cleaner
1. For large size impurities mainly; 2. Large capacity and low power consumption; 3. Compact structure, small required area; 4. Easy to replace the screen.
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TQLZ Vibration Cleaner
1. Vibration type paddy cleaner, used to clean the husk, small straws and other light impurities; 2. Compact construction, good tightness; 3. Smooth operation and stable performance;
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MLGQ Pneumatic Paddy Husker
1. Semi-automatic model, the pressure between rubber rollers is adjusted by pressure valve. 2. With class vertical suction channel for husk separation. 3. Economical model but excellent performance, reliable operation and large capacity.
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MLGT Rice Husker
1. Sealed structure, no rice leaking; 2. Use gearbox for speed change, quick & slow roller can be alternated; 3. Convenient to dismantle and mount rollers; 4. Good separation performance of hulls and rice grains.
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MLGQ-C Vibration Pneumatic Paddy Husker
1. Adopt new vibration feeding system, feeding is big and uniform; 2. Full automatic pneumatic model, both feeding gate and rubber rollers are controlled by pneumatic components; 3. High automation, easy to operate, high shelling rate.
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MLGQ-C Double Body Vibration Pneumatic Huller
1. Double body structure, double capacity, less area occupy; 2. Adopt new vibration feeding system, feeding is big and uniform; 3. Both feeding gate and rubber rollers are pneumatic controlled.
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MLGQ-B Pneumatic Paddy Husker
1. Both feeding gate and rubber rollers are automatic controlled; 2. Continuous pressure regulation for rubber rollers; 3. Shift gears through gearbox, quick & slow roller can be alternated.
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MLGQ-B Double Body Pneumatic Rice Huller
1. Double body structure, double capacity, less area occupy; 2. Both feeding gate and rubber rollers are pneumatic controlled; 3. The feeding flow and air volume adjusted by adjustable handle.
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Screen and Sieves for Different Horizontal Rice Whiteners
1.Screens and Sieves for different rice whiteners and polisher models;  2.Made by different materials to meet different requirements of price and quality; 3.Can customize according to drawings or samples; 4.The hole type, mesh size can be customized, too; 5.Prime materials, unique technique and precise design.
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TQLM Rotary Cleaning Machine
TQLM rotary cleaning machine is used to remove the big, small and light impurities in the grains. It can adjust the rotary speed and the weight of the balance blocks according to removing requests of different materials.
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Our values

Integrity, Quality, Commitment, Innovation


To Meet Your Exact Specifications


If you have any questions related to a project that you are trying to achieve, or require machine configuration information, our consultation team is the best place to start.


FOTMA Sales Department will help with all the orders of rice milling machines and spare parts, estimates and any questions or concerns.


Once the user has determined the scale of the rice mill machine, our experienced and skilled design engineer team will begin to work.


During production, FOTMA has advanced production management and R&D technology.


FOTMA has excellent installation team to install the rice milling machines, and also help with technical questions related and machine specifications.


FOTMA technical support team works mainly with helping our customers keep their machine(s) running in an optimal condition.


2024.3.31 Warmly Welcome Salvadoran Customers to Visit FOTMA (1)_239_239.jpg
Company News
Warmly Welcome Salvadoran Customers to Visit FOTMA

On March 30th, Mr. Carlos with his client from El Salvador visited FOTMA. They are interested in our parboiled rice milling machines and asked a lot of details. After conversation, they expressed his willingness and confidence to cooperate with FOTMA on setting a new parboiled rice mill project.

Company News
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Paddy Destoner

A paddy destoner is a piece of agricultural equipment used in rice processing to remove stones, rocks, and other heavy impurities from paddy rice (unhusked rice) or brown rice (rice with the outer husk still intact). Removing these impurities is essential because they can damage milling equipment an

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Rice Mill Whitener.jpg
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Rice Mill Whitener

A rice mill whitener is a crucial component in the rice milling process, specifically designed to improve the appearance and quality of milled rice. It is responsible for removing the outer bran layer, or "pericarp," from brown rice kernels to produce polished or white rice. Here are the key feature

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Rice Husk Milling Machine.jpg
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Rice Husk Milling Machine

A rice husk milling machine, often referred to as a rice husk grinder or rice husk pulverizer, is a piece of equipment used to process rice husks into a finer form. Rice husks are the outer protective layers of rice grains and are typically removed during the rice milling process. These husks can be

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