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Grain Dryer

Paddy drying is an essential part of post harvesting, it determines storage time, milling outturn and appearance of rice. If paddy is too wet then storage period will be very short due to pest and microscopic activity, resulting in heat accumulation and it will made rice turn yellow or burn. In worse case mold will develop.


There are many different drying methods used for drying rice. Sun dry is the traditional and cost efficient method. As the major energy source is sun light so this method is very economical, but there are few disadvantages: constant sun light not available in some area due to rain or snow, it is labor intensive process and some paddy may lost during laying and gathering. Then we need a machine to finish the paddy drying job.


We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Paddy Dryer machines. Our paddy dryer can not only be used for drying operation of paddy rice, but also for drying the corn, wheat,cotton seed and other seed. They can either be used as a single machine or be used in assembling line of seed processing, say, the paddy processing industry.


For rice processing plant, different millers have different technique with determine the competitiveness of each mill. Generally, paddy and rice will store longer at lower temperature. The less temperature change during drying and slower drying will result in better milling outturn and rice appearance. We are providing high quality paddy dryer plant used for various rice milling purposes. The dryer machines are made using best quality stainless steel and mild steel and ensure long working life.


Our paddy dryer are manufactured using latest technology and quality raw material as per the international quality standards, they are highly accessed by our clients for their corrosion resistance and efficiency. Our dryer machines are widely known for their features like low power consumption, high efficiency, higher Production, Compact sizes, smooth operation and easy maintenance. 
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