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Rice Grader

This white rice grader machine is mainly used to grade and sift white rice in rice processing factories. It can sift milled rice efficiently and accurately into several grades: head rice, large broken, medium broken, small broken and etc. It can be used not only for separating broken rice from finished product, but also for grading and sorting finished products, processing high precision and high grade white rice. It is characterized by stable performance, smooth running, lower energy consumption, low noise and easy assembly and disassembly.

We are involved in providing excellent quality range of MMJP Series and MJP  series White Rice Grader. They can separate rice into four or five grades, that is, shift the milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes: head rice, large broken, medium broken, small broken, and etc., which can help to add more value to the higher grader rice. We have four trays and five trays models, and blower type. The rice grader is also used to separate the similar granular particles, depending upon the variety of rice, varied sizes of screens can be used as per the needs. MMJP and MJP white rice grader is widely used for Grading Rice now, this rice grader is known for its easy and efficient functioning. Our clients can avail from us this range of MMJP and MJP Series White Rice Grader at most affordable prices.
We also provide Length Grader and Thickness grader, which is used for refined sorting. This two kinds of Rice Grader are used to separate the broken and unnecessary part of rice from the final stock. The advantage of these White Rice Graders comprise compact construction, smooth running, high efficiency and simple to operate and maintain. 
These Rice Graders can be customized as per our customers specifications and it can be availed at industrial leading price. Our clients can avail this rice grader at cost-effective prices.
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