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5HGM Parboiled Rice/Grain Dryer

1. High degree of automation, accurate moisture control;
2. Fast drying speed, not easy to block grain;
3. High safety and low installation cost.
  • 5HGM
Drying the parboiled rice is an important link in processing of parboiled rice. Parboiled rice processing is processed with raw rice that after strict cleaning and grading, the un-hulled rice is subjected to a series of hydrothermal treatments such as soaking, cooking(parboiling), drying, and slow cooling, and then dehulling, milling, color sorting and other conventional processing steps to produce finished parboiled rice. In this process, the parboiled rice dryer needs to convert the heat of the boiler into hot air to indirectly dry the high-temperature and high-humidity rice that has been cooked(parboiled), to dry this parboiled paddy so it can be dehulled and polished into finished parboiled rice.
Parboiled rice has the characteristics of high moisture content, poor fluidity, softer and springy grains after cooking. In view of the above characteristics, combined with the shortcomings of parboiled rice dryers in domestic and foreign countries, FOTMA has made technological improvements and breakthroughs. The parboiled rice dryer produced by FOTMA has fast dehydration and drying speed, which can meet the demand of large-scale continuous production, maximize the retention of product nutrients and color, reduce the rate of breaking rate and increase the rate of head rice.

1. High security. The bucket elevator is equipped with safety support frame and guardrail on the top, which guarantees safety during outdoor installation, maintenance and operation;
2. Accurate moisture control. Using Japanese advanced technology, a fully automatic high-precision moisture meter, can accurately control the moisture content of parboiled rice to the extent of storage or processing;
3. High automation. The equipment is fully automated and does not require a lot of manual operation; 5G interconnection technology, data storage and analysis are introduced to realize intelligent drying;
4. Fast drying speed and energy saving. Scientific design on the ratio of drying and tempering layers, under the premise of ensuring the drying effect, to speed up the drying speed and save energy.
5. Less blocking. The inclination angle of the flow tube is obtained through scientific and rigorous calculations, which increases the grain flow rate, adapts to the characteristics of high moisture content and poor fluidity of parboiled rice, to effectively decrease the grain blocking frequency.
6. Low broken and deformation rate. The upper and lower augers are eliminated, the precise inclination angle of the sliding pipes will help to reduce the broken rate and deformation rate of parboiled rice.
7. Reliable quality. The drying body and drying part are made of stainless steel, adopt advanced equipment and production technology, the quality of dryer is stable and reliable.
8. Low installation cost. It can be installed outdoor, the installation cost is greatly reduced.
Model 5HGM-20H 5HGM-32H 5HGM-40H
Type Batch type circulation
Volume(t) 20.0 32.0 40.0
Overall dimension
9630×4335×20300 9630×4335×22500 9630×4335×24600
Hot air source Hot blast stove (coal, husk, straw, biomass), Boiler(steam)
Blower motor power (kw) 15 18.5 22
The total power of Motor(kw) / Voltage(v) 23.25/380 26.75/380 30.25/380
Time of charging(min) 4556 5565 6576
Time of discharging(min) 4354 5262 6273
Moisture reduction rate per hour 1.02.0%
Automatic control and safety device Automatic moisture meter, automatic stop, temperature control device, fault alarm device, full grain alarm device, electrical overload protection device, leakage protection device.

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