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  • [Industry News] Analysis of Rice Milling Machines in African Market
    Generally speaking, a complete set of rice milling plant integrates rice cleaning, dust and stone removal, milling and polishing, grading and sorting, weighing and packaging, etc.
  • [Industry News] The Development Status of China's Grain and Oil Machinery Industry
    Grain and oil processing refers to the process of processing the raw grain, oil and other basic raw materials to make it into finished grain and oil and its products. In terms of grain and oil processing, the capacity and the number of enterprises are the largest in the world. Mainly include: rice p
  • [Industry News] Development of Grain and Oil Machinery Industry in China
    Grain and oil machinery industry is an important part of the grain and oil industry. Grain and oil machinery industry includes the manufacturing of rice, flour, oil and feed processing equipment; the manufacturing of grain and oil storage and transportation equipment; grain, oil and food deep pro
  • [Industry News] Development and Progress of the Rice Whiteners
    The Development Status of Rice Whitener Worldwide With the growth of the world population, food production has been promoted to a strategic position, rice as one of the basic grains, its production and processing are also highly valued by all countries. As necessary machine for rice processing.
  • [Industry News] The Last Kilometer of Grain Mechanized Production
    The construction and development of modern agriculture can not be separated from agricultural mechanization. As an important carrier of modern agriculture, the promotion of agricultural mechanization will not only improve the level of agricultural production technology,
  • [Industry News] Booming Advance for Integrating AI into Grain and Oil Processing
    Nowadays, with the technical rapid development, Unmanned economy is quietly coming. Different from traditional way, customer "brushed his face" into the store. The mobile phone can be paid automatically directly through the payment gate after selecting the goods.
  • [Industry News] Rice Polishing and Grinding in Rice Processing Line
    Rice Polishing and Grinding in Rice Processing Line is essential process. Rice polishing with the friction of the surface of the brown rice grain wiping erase, improve the surface finish of rice, while helping rice fresh. Production of colored rice, food and brown rice,
  • [Industry News] Huge Domestic Market is Our Grain and Oil Processing Machinery Manufacturing "Go Global" Foundation
    China's annual normal output of 200 million tons of rice, wheat 100 million tons, 90 million tons of corn, oil 60 million tons, imports of oil 20 million tons. These rich grain and oil resources provide an important material basis for the development of grain and oil processing machinery in our coun
  • [Industry News] Rice Mill Machine Innovative Technology in Grain Machinery Market
    At present, the domestic rice mill machine market, strong growth in demand, there have been a number of professional manufacturers of rice mill machine, but we still hope that the market can be standardized, rice mill machine enterprises should also be formed between the corresponding norms.
  • [Industry News] The World Food Price Index Dropped for the First Time in Four Months
    In August, the world food price index was 176.6, an increase of 6%, the chain down 1.3%, this is for the first time in four months chain down since May.
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