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Rice Polishing and Grinding in Rice Processing Line

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Rice Polishing and Grinding in Rice Processing Line is essential process. Rice polishing with the friction of the surface of the brown rice grain wiping erase, improve the surface finish of rice, while helping rice fresh. Production of colored rice, food and brown rice, with the aid of polishing, remove the surface of rice grain adhesion of rice bran powder.


Necessary Steps of Rice Polishing and Grinding in Rice Processing Line:


Rice Color Selection. The color is used to remove the different color particles (different color rice and heterochromatic impurities) in the rice grain. It is an important process to ensure the quality of the product when producing refined rice and exporting rice. Large-scale plant design color selection process, taking into account the vice flow (different color particles) a large amount of a separate selection of a color machine to deal with vice flow. Medium-sized factory directly selected with the auxiliary flow of the color machine.


Preparation of Rice. Formulation of rice refers to the mixing of two or more rice according to a certain proportion as a rice product. Through the different nutrition, different  taste of rice mixed to achieve different rice physical and chemical properties complement each other, thereby enhancing the nutrition of rice to improve the taste of Rice. For example, black, purple, red rice and white rice to improve the preparation of white rice nutrition; high-quality indica rice, rice and ordinary indica rice to improve the taste of ordinary indica rice. Preparation of rice is not simply broken rice into the whole rice.


Package. If the quality of refined rice, nutritive rice with 1 kg, 1.5 kg of paper bags, cartons ordinary ultra-small packaging, can save the cost of packaging, but also to promote product sales. Ultra-small packaging to facilitate people shopping in the supermarket, but also conducive to rice preservation.


FOTMA rice processing line combined the effect of cleaning, removing dust and stones, separating and milling rice, color sorting and grading, refining and packing, aims to provide you with quality equipment and services for your needs to provide the perfect solution.

Rice Polishing and Grinding in Rice Processing Line

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