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Development of Grain and Oil Machinery Industry in China

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-08      Origin: Site


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Grain and oil machinery industry is an important part of the grain and oil industry. Grain and oil machinery industry includes the manufacturing of rice, flour, oil and feed processing equipment; the manufacturing of grain and oil storage and transportation equipment; grain, oil and food deep processing, packaging, measurement, and sales equipment; grain and oil testing instruments and equipment.

Since the end of 1950s, China's grain and oil machinery industry has experienced a development process from scratch to scratch, which has made contributions to the development of China's grain, oil and food processing industry. At the same time, we are also soberly aware that due to the constraints of the conditions at the time, our grain and oil machinery products are still relatively lagging in terms of manufacturing quality, stand-alone performance, complete set level, development of large-scale and key equipment, and the degree of mechanical and electrical integration. Compare with the foreign advanced equipment, there is still a big gap on industrial economic and technical indicators, which can only meet the demand of finished grain and oil processing under the planned supply conditions at that time. In order to adapt to China's grain and oil deep processing, enterprises gradually develop to the direction of large-scale development, the grain and oil industry to achieve modernization, and catch up the international advanced level, we must further accelerate the development pace of grain and oil machinery industry, and realize the modernization of grain and oil machinery industry. Therefore, since the late 1970s, it has organized and implemented the type selection, finalization and standardization of grain and oil equipment throughout our country, as well as the breakthrough and absorption strategy. The development of famous foreign enterprises to build joint venture and sole proprietorship in China has further promoted the development of grain and oil machinery industry of our country, too.

2020.5.8 Development of Grain and Oil Machinery Industry in China

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