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The Development Status of China's Grain and Oil Machinery Industry

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Grain and oil processing refers to the process of processing the raw grain, oil and other basic raw materials to make it into finished grain and oil and its products. In terms of grain and oil processing, the capacity and the number of enterprises are the largest in the world. Mainly include: rice processing, wheat flour making, corn and coarse grain processing, vegetable oil processing and grain and oil processing machinery and equipment manufacturing. Grain and oil processing industry is an important link in the process of grain and oil reproduction and basic industry, is an important part of grain and oil industrialization management (or grain and oil industry chain), is the grain and oil management, enhance the indispensable intermediate link of the added value of grain and oil, is also the foundation of the food industry, grain and oil processing products are closely related to people's life, is a never declining sunrise industry.

The Development Status of Chinas Grain and Oil Machinery Industry

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