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The Last Kilometer of Grain Mechanized Production

Views: 90     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-21      Origin: Site


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The construction and development of modern agriculture can not be separated from agricultural mechanization. As an important carrier of modern agriculture, the promotion of agricultural mechanization will not only improve the level of agricultural production technology, but also be an effective way to improve the conditions for agricultural production and management, improve land productivity and labor productivity, and ensure quality of agricultural products, reduce labor intensity, and improve agricultural technology and the role of content and comprehensive agricultural production capacity.

With the intensive and large-scale grain planting, large-scale, high-moisture and post-harvest drying equipment has become an urgent demand for farmers. In southern China, if food is not dried or dried in time, it will mildew occurs within 3 days. While in the northern grain-producing areas, if grain is not harvested in time, it will be difficult to achieve safe moisture in the autumn and winter, and it will be impossible to store it. Besides, it will be impossible to put that into the market for sale. However, the traditional method of drying, where the food is easily mixed with impurities, is not conducive to food security. Drying is not prone to mildew, germination, and deterioration. It causes considerable losses to farmers.

Compared with the traditional drying method, the mechanized drying operation is not limited by the site and weather conditions, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing the damage and secondary pollution of food. After drying, the moisture content of the grain is even, the storage time is long, and the color and quality after processing are also better. Mechanized drying can also avoid traffic hazards and food contamination caused by highway drying. In recent years, with the acceleration of land circulation, the scale of family farms and large professional households has continued to expand, and the traditional manual drying can no longer meet the needs of modern food production. Taking advantage of the situation, we should vigorously advance the mechanization of grain drying and solve the “last mile” problem of mechanization of grain production, which has become a general trend.

Up till now, agricultural machinery departments at all levels have carried out grain drying technology and policy training at various levels, popularized and popularized drying technology skills, and actively provided information and technical guidance services for large grain producers, family farms, agricultural machinery cooperatives, and introduced advanced technologies and equipment. To promote the development of food mechanization drying operations and lift the worries of farmers and farmers.

The Last Kilometer of Grain Mechanized Production

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