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Booming Advance for Integrating AI into Grain and Oil Processing

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Nowadays, with the technical rapid development, Unmanned economy is quietly coming. Different from traditional way, customer "brushed his face" into the store. The mobile phone can be paid automatically directly through the payment gate after selecting the goods. Unattended convenience stores have been established  in many cities, Many new  emergence are coming, such as vending machines, self-service gyms, self-service washing cars, mini KTVs, smart delivery cabinets, unattended massage chairs, etc. Unconsciously, we have entered a new era of AI economy.

AI economy, mainly unmanned and unattended services, is based on intelligent technology, Under the new retail, entertainment, life, health and other consumption scene to achieve the services of unguided buyers and cashiers.Compared to  manned service, the seller can save manpower cost and the consumers will experience an efficient and convenient service. The grain economy, which is closely related to people's  life, will have a great future after it is integrated into the no-man economy.

Unmanned grain and oil production workshop

If paddy wheat, rapeseed and other original grain and oil want to get into circulation,they must be processed. While in the trough of grain and oil processing enterprises survive difficultly. The mainly reason is that  the wages of the labor force are too high. Not only every year need to raise the wages of workers, but also need to pay "five risks a gold" for workers, also it is necessary to gradually improve the welfare of workers. Otherwise the enterprises couldn’t to retain and recruit workers. The Grain and oil processing has a  low profit rate. In recent yers, our country grain always harvest well. But domestic grain and oil price is much higher than the international market grain price. In the depressed grain and oil market, grain and oil processing enterprises need to maintain not only the sales market, but also the survival of enterprises. They have to maintain processing, so the profit margin is negligible. It is the best choice to reduce production cost, improve labor productivity and use artificial intelligence technology to develop the unmanned grain and oil production workshop.

Unmanned code reactor

These are essential processing to storage of grain and oil, warehouse, factory and code heap,

Now most of the grain and oil yards are artificially carried out. Artificial code heap, firstly, that is heavy manual labor, people who coulld do that  is hard to find; secondly, it is difficult to achieve standardization and  it is easy to be an accident when operator  are carelessful; thirdly, labor costs continue to be increased. The above problems will be solved if introducing artificial intelligence technology and using the unmanned yard stacker. The code heap robot has been used in the Automation workshop, which fully proves that the technology of the unmanned code heap improves the labor efficiency and reduces the labour cost.

The above examples only give a few examples of AI economy in grain economy. As long as study seriously, it will be widely applied in many fields of grain economy.

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