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DCS-15Z Series Packing Scale with Vibration Feeding

Suitable for 0.15kg-15kg small bag packing;
With vibration feeding mechanism;
Conveyor automatic rising and lowing.
  • DCS-15ZA1, DCS-15ZA2, DCS-15ZB1, DCS-15ZB2



1. Special vibration feeding mechanism, it can be suitable for coarse grain industry all kinds granular materials’ high speed quantitative packaging, and in the part contacting materials, we adopt stainless steel materials, it is wear-resisting, hygiene, and the service life is longer.
2. Professional protection of sealing mechanism, extend the service life of key components. Adjusted the height of the working platform, make it easy to operate.
3. Conveyor automatic rising and lowing, automatic alarm, and other functions.
4. Suitable for high speed quantitative packing sorghum, paddy, mung bean, red bean etc. coarse cereals industries’ granule
Optional explain:
Microwriter, constant temperature sealing machine (continuous or pedal type)
Note: can choose sewing machine
Model DCS-15ZA1 DCS-15ZA2 DCS-15ZB1 DCS-15ZB2
Weigh Range(kg) 0.15-15
Division value(g) 2
Weighing error 0.1%F.S
Weighing speed(bag/h) 380--810 600--1350
Working environment Relative humidity (RH) 90%,AC380V 50Hz
power supply 1.1kw
Power consumption 0.4-0.5Mpa compressed air
&Air consumption 1m3/h
Dimension(mm) L×W×H 2952×842×2060 3224×842×2232

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