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DCS-50FB Series Packing Scale with Double Feeding Hoppers

PLC and weigh controller;
Double feeding hoppers, 3 load cells;
Auto lifting conveyor;
Auto sewing and thread cutting.
  • DCS-50FB


DCS-50FB Intelligent Quantitative Packing Scale
1. High speed weighing: if 10kg/bag, 900 bags per hour can be packed. If 2.5kg/bag, 1200bags per hour can be packed.
2. High precision for weighing: Slight weighing error, minimum division value is 2 grams only.
3. Weighing range is wide, from 0.5kg to 50kg.
4. PLC dual-core controller + Weighing controller
5. Three sensors, greatly improve Stability and anti-interference ability.
6. Automatic coding: Directly print inspection, qualified, grade, and production date on the bags automatically.
7. Automatical sewing and string cutting.
7. Conveyor automatic lifting.
8. Colorful touch screen and intelligent adaptive process, bring you easier and convenient operation.
9. Provide varieties of packing setting and bags quantity record function.
10. Scientific and reasonable control, bring you perfect experience on production and management.
11. Production reports, including production quantity, production rate, etc. provide you more information.
12. Production reports can be printed out. 

Type DCS-50FB1 DCS-50FB2
weighing range (kg) 0.5-50
division value (g) 2
weighing error 0.1%F.S
weighing speed (bag/h) 1300
work environment relative humidity90%
Voltage 4N-AC380V 50Hz
Power consumption 1.1kw
Air consumption 0.4-0.5Mpa ,compressed air 1m3/h
Overall dimensions (mm)  L x W x H 3076x953x2690

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