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Quality Selection of Brown Rice Energize Rice Processing Enterprises

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Recently, the quality selection process style has been vigorously developed in rice processing industry, one after another intelligent sorter have been continuously installed in each section of rice processing, like cleaning section, husking section, milling section, sorting and grading section, as well as packaging section, etc.. A revolution on rice processing technology and equipment is taking place.

On the one hand, with the rise of new generation of consumer groups, safety, nutrition, health, deliciousness, pleasure, and the inner connection of brands have all become new demands of consumption in terms of eating. On the other hand, the previous few years were trough of capital and trade wars, and a sudden epidemic has made our economy even worse, our companies have fallen into difficulties. The challenges have just begun. Therefore, it is particularly important to transform and upgrade processing technology and equipment, use more advanced technology and equipment to empower enterprises and products. “Quality Selection Technology” is formed timely.

Reduce broken rate and increase production, save energy and reduce consumption. By adopting the brown rice sorting, the stones, grass seeds, paddy grains, and various diseased grains in brown rice can be selected in advance during the brown rice section, which can greatly improve the quality of brown rice entering the rice milling section, reduce the “ineffective processing” in production process, increase the hourly output of milling section and even entire production line. The brown rice is clean, then the load of the rice whitening, polishing and color sorting in the subsequent process is greatly reduced, thus the production capacity is improved, thereby reducing the energy consumption and improving the processing level of the whole rice production line.

Improve quality and increase value, empower by quality selection. The quality sorting machine is the latest achievement of rice processing technology and equipment reforming which is innovatively researched and developed under the guidance of consumers demand based on the development of new quality selection /identification/sorting technology and digital intelligence technology. The quality selection identification technology has been upgraded from solely relying on color identification and sorting innovation to a combination of multiple technologies such as color selection, shape selection, material selection, variety selection and smart selection. In the past, color sorter is only used in finished rice grading and classification section. After a lot of technological research, development and innovation, the quality selection technology has expanded to the whole process of cleaning section, hulling section, milling section, sorting and grading section and packaging section. It has promoted the improvement of rice processing quality and efficiency, and the development of digital intelligence. Quality selection technology has empowered rice processing enterprises to win the new era of consumption.

Selection of Brown Rice on Quality Empowers Rice Processing Enterprises

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