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SFSP60 Series Rice Husk Crusher, Hammer Mill

1. Designed to grind granule-shape materials such as com, grain, rice husk, etc.;
2. Convenient to assemble and disassemble;
3. Used for food or feedstuff processing.
SFSP60 series Hammer Mill Crusher is Globule shape grinder with hammer blade, it is designed to grind granule-shape materials such as com, rice, grain, rice husk, etc.. This hammer mill machine is ideal grinding equipment for its high output, working smoothly, safety and reliability, convenient to assemble and disassemble. It is widely used in those factories which process food or feedstuff.
Working principle:
The hammer mill grinder applies direct-connect drive. The motor rotating in high speed spreads out hammerheads through coupling. The raw materials in the grinding room are broken into peaces by hammer-head striking and cutting. In addition, the attrition among materials and between material and sieve plate makes materials smashed more. Finely ground particles will pass through the sieve but the residues further are ground until them change enough to pass the sieve mesh. So, all the materials will be ground completely.
Raw materials are input on the top of the machine, and then they enter in the grinding room through feeding guide plate. The machine looks like a water dripping so it is named as Globule Shape hammer-head grinder.
This grinder consists of five parts: rotor, base, top and bottom cover, operation door, and drive system.
Model SFSP60*45 SFSP60*60 SFSP60*70 SFSP60*80
Rotor Diameter ( mm) 600 600 600 600
Main axis speed (rpm) 2950 2950 2950 2950
Qty of hammer blade 40 48 60A   84B 72A   96B
Clearance between hammer blade and sieve (mm)  12 12 12 12
Power (KW) 45-55 55-75 55-75 75-90
Bearings model 42314 42314 42314 42316
Air volume(m³/h) 2300 2600 2600 3000
Capacity(t/h) Corn @3 42893 43020 43084 15-18
Rice husk@1.2 1-1.2 1.2-1.4 1.4-1.6 1.6-1.8

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