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Color Sorting Machines

Color Sorters are machines used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colors, detecting the colors of things that pass before them, and using mechanical ejection devices to divert items whose colors do not fall within acceptable or fall within rejectable color ranges.


Rice color sorting machines are used in rice mills during the processing of rice. It is the last stage before the packing of processed rice. First of all, the rice is milled in the milling plant, taken through the paddy boiling unit, drier, destoner, husker, and whitener and then the produced final rice is taken to the color sorter machine. In color sorting stage, the rice is scanned using a machine that has a line scan camera. The moment the camera detects any color defects, the camera instructs the ejectors fitted in the machine to open the nozzle. The nozzle is connected to valves containing compressed air. This air is then used to shoot out the color defected material from the input rice. The types of defects in rice are: black tipped, chalky, yellow, mouse droppings, immature grain, etc.


At present, there are two types of rice color sorter in the market: optical type and CCD type. No matter which type is it, the basic working principle is: the color difference between good rice and bad or unwanted rice. First of all, the machine should translate the photo signal to electronic signal by photo-sensor and other complex element; then due to there is difference between good materials and bad materials, so corresponding there is also a difference good materials' electronic current. Camera Sorter is a highly functional machine and is used for a variety of color sorting applications. The product to be sorted can be scanned at high speed that produces a very high resolution image of the object by using advanced high resolution line scan cameras.


As customers require better performance with high productivity in Color Sorter, we have designed machines in consideration of their requirements. Currently, we can provide color sorters for food grains including rice color sorter, tea color sorter, cereals and grain color sorter, pulse and beans color sorter, groundnuts and peanuts color sorter, and dehydrated vegetables color sorter and non food products such as plastics and pharmaceuticals. Our color sorters also come with different channels, like 192 channels, 256 channels, to meet different capacity requirements. We provide customers quality products by meeting international standard and having thorough quality control system in whole process of production. We offer the best service to customers with our know-how and experiences in the field.
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