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The Use and Precautions of Rice Milling Machine

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The rice mill mainly uses the force of mechanical equipment to peel and whiten the brown rice. When the brown rice flows into the whitening room from the hopper, the brown rice is squeezed in the whitening room due to the internal pressure of the thallium and the push of the mechanical force, after self-friction and mutual rubbing between the brown rice and the grinding roller, the cortex of the brown rice can be quickly removed, and the whiteness grade measured by the white rice can be achieved within a certain period of time. So, what should you pay attention to when using the rice mill?

Preparations before starting up

1. Before starting the complete machine, the machine should be installed stably, checking whether the parts are normal, whether the parts and their connections are loose, and the tightness of each transmission belt is appropriate. The belt must be flexible for pulling, and pay attention to the lubrication of each transmission part. The switch can only be started after the inspection of each part is normal.

2. Remove the debris in the rice to be milled (such as stones, ironware, etc., and there should be no stones or irons that are too large or too long) to avoid accidents. Check whether the moisture content of rice meets the requirements, then insert the inserting plate of the hopper tightly, and put the rice into the hopper to be milled.

Technical requirements after start-up

1. Connect the power and let the rice miller idle for 1-3 minutes. After the operation is stable, slowly pull out the inserting plate to feed the rice and start to run.

2. Check the rice quality at any time. If the quality does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the outlet plate or the gap between the fastening knife and the grinding roller. The method is: if there are too much brown rice, first adjust the outlet plate to reduce the outlet appropriately; If the rice outlet is adjusted down, there is still too much brown rice, then the gap between the fastening knife and grinding roller should be adjusted smaller; If there is a lot of broken rice, then the rice outlet should be adjusted larger, or the gap between the fastening knife and grinding roller should be increased.

3. After the fastening knives are wear and tear after period of using, you can turn the knife over and continue to use. If the sieve is leaking, it should be replaced with a new one. If the peeling rate of huller decreases, the distance between the two rubber rollers should be adjusted, and if this adjustment is ineffective, the rubber rollers should be replaced.

4. At the end of rice milling, the inserting plate of hopper should be inserted tightly first, when all the rice in the milling room is milled and discharged, then cut the power off.

Maintenance after downtime

1. If the temperature of the bearing shell is found to be high, lubricating oil should be added.

2. Carry out a complete and detailed inspection of the machine after stop.

3. It is strictly forbidden for children and adults who are not familiar with operation and maintenance of the rice miller to play with the rice machine.

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