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Rice Water Polisher

The Rice Water (Silky) Polisher machines used to remove the dust of bran from the rice and polish the rice surface by spraying water through the mixing chamber and by creating friction among rice grains using milling rollers. The weight controlled outlet of the polisher controls the retaining time of kernels inside the milling chamber.

Our Rice Water polisher equipped with water pump and air pump as well as automatic water (moistening) control device with constant to avoid any blockage due to excessive water content. This machine can operates with rice mill unit and independently operates for deep processing of the rice.
Our Single Polishing Roller Mist (Water) Rice Polisher is a newly rice polisher adopting dampening with compressed air spraying. The polisher is with unique structure of polishing chamber, which can produce polished white rice with high accurate according to customers requirements. The dampening device adopted atomizes water into corpuscular water mist which is uniformly applied on to the surface of the whitened rice, increased shine, less rice broken and lower rice temperature.
We also provide Double Rollers Rice Water Polishers. This kind of water polisher comes with novel design, compact structure, easy and convenient operation, small floor area. An axial double air intake mode and a intensive exhaust system are used, to sufficiently remove bran from rice surface, so that the surface of polished rice can be bright and sparkling, and its preservation period can be prolonged.
The surface of polished rice becomes lucent and white according with modern rice polishing requirements of new notion, it make the rice looks more smooth and bright. Due to good appearance and very steady mechanical performance, our rice water polishers are more and more welcomed as a piece of ideal equipment for processing clean rice product.
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