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What is Grain and Oil Machinery?

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Grain and oil machinery includes equipment for rough processing, deep processing, testing, measurement, packaging, storage, transportation, etc. of grain, oil, feed and other products, such as threshers, rice mill, flour machine, oil press, etc.

. Grain Dryer: This type of product is mainly used in the drying field of wheat, rice and other grains. The batch processing capacity ranges from 10 to 60 tons. It is divided into indoor type and outdoor type.
. Flour mill: This kind of product is mainly used to process corn, wheat and other grains into flour. It can also be used in other industries such as activated carbon, chemical industry, winemaking and crushing, rolling and pulverizing of materials.

. Oil press machine: This type of product is the machinery that squeezed the cooking oil out from the oil materials with the help of external mechanical force, by raising temperature and activating the oil molecules. It is suitable for plants and animal oil pressing.

. Rice mill machine: The kind of product uses mechanical force generated by mechanical equipment to peel the rice husk and whiten the brown rice, it is mainly used to process raw paddy into rice that can be cooked and eaten.

V. Warehousing and logistics equipment: This type of product is used for the transportation of granular, powdery, and bulk materials. It is suitable for grain, oil, feed, chemical and other industries.

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