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What Is The General Rate of Rice Yield? What Are The Factors Affecting Rice Yield?

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The rice yield of rice has a great relationship with its dryness and humidity. Generally, the rice yield is about 70%. However, due to the variety and other factors are different, the specific rice yield should be determined according to the actual situation. Rice production rate is generally used to check the quality of rice as an important index, mainly including rough rate and milled rice rate.

Rough rate refers to the percentage of the weight of unpolished rice to the weight of rice, which Rice (2)ranges from 72 to 82%. It can be hulled by hulling machine or by hand, and then the weight of 

unpolished rice can be measured and the rough rate can be calculated.Milled rice rate is generally referred to the weight of milled rice as a percentage of the weight of rice, and its range is usually 65-74%. It can be calculated by grinding the brown rice to remove the bran layer with a milled rice machine and weighing the weight of milled rice.

The factors affecting rice yield are as follows:

1) Improper use of fertilizer

After selecting fertilizer not suitable for rice growth and using a lot of nitrogen fertilizer at tillering stage and booting stage, it is easy to delay the tillering efficiency of tillering fertilizer and delay the tillering of rice, but when fertilizer effect is reflected at jointing stage, it is easy to appear lodging, and affect the yield, thus affecting the rice yield.

(2) Occurrence of diseases and insect pests

During the growth period of rice, some diseases and insect pests, such as rice blast, sheath blight, rice borers and other species, are prone to occur. If they are not controlled in time, rice yield and rice yield rate will be easily affected.

(3) Poor management

In the cultivation period, if the temperature drops, the light becomes weak and the appropriate methods are not adopted in time to solve the situation, it is easy to increase the empty grain, and the yield and rice yield are also susceptible to be affected.

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