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200 Traditonal Expeller

General Description
The machine is applicable for the pressing of vegetable oil-bearing crops such as rapeseed, peanut kernel, sesame, cottonseed kernel, soybean, copra, teaseed, sunflowerseed, etc. In accordance of the request of customer, the pressing worms can be replaced for the pressing of ricebran.
1. The main parts main shaft, pressing worms, cage bars, gears, etc are made of high-quality alloy, and be surface hardened.
2. The meal is cooked and steamed in the cooker, according to different temperature requirement of different kind of seed, the temperature and water content can be regulated accordingly, so high quality oil can get.
3. From feeding to the outflowing of oil and cake, the machine is thorough automatic working, the maintenance is easy, and labor hand is saved
Technology Data
1. Capacity: (handling amount of seed)  
Seed Capacity(kg/24h ) Oil yield(% ) Dry cake residual oil rate(% )
Rapeseed 9000~10000 33~38 6~7
Peanut kernel 9000~10000 38~45 5~6
Sesame 6500~7500 42~47 7~7.5
Cottonseed kernel 9000~10000 30~33 5~6
Soybean 8000~9000 11~14 5~6
Sunflower seed kernel 7000~8000 22~25 8~9.5
Rice bran 5500~6500 10~14 7~8
1、Auxiliary Cooker Diameter : φ1220 mm;
2、Rotating speed of mixer shaft: 35 rpm;
3、RPM of main shaft : 8 rpm; 
4、RPM of feeding shaft : 69 rpm; 
5、Steam pressure: 5~6 kg/cm2;
6、Motor power: 18.5 kw; 
7、Dimension(L×W×H): 2850×1850×3270mm; 
8、Weight: 5000 kg。 
(1) The actual capacity may be more or less according to meal preparation condition and the kind of seed.
(2) For the pressing of rice bran, special pressing worms should be adopted.
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