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30-40t/day Small Rice Milling Line

30-40t/day small rice milling line can process about 2-2.5ton raw paddy and produce 1300-1700kg white rice per hour, this line consists of paddy cleaner, de-stoner, rice huller, separator, rice miller (dry polisher), rice grader, etc..
  • 30-40ton/day


With strength support from management members and endeavor of our staff, FOTMA devoted to be in development and expansion of grain processing equipment in past years. We can provide many kinds of rice milling machines with different kinds of capacity. Here we introduce customers a small rice milling line that suitable for farmers & small scale rice processing factory.

The 30-40t/day small rice milling line consists of paddy cleaner, de-stoner, paddy husker (rice huller), husk and paddy separator, rice miller (dry polisher), bucket elevators, blower and other accessories. The rice water polisher, rice color sorter and electronic packing machine are also available and optional. This line can process about 2-2.5 tons raw paddy and produce about 1.5 tons white rice per hour. It can produce high quality white rice with fewer broken rice.
The Device List of 30-40t/day Small Rice Milling Line:
1 unit TZQY/QSX75/65 combined cleaner
1 unit MLGT20B Husker
1 unit MGCZ100×6 Paddy Separator
2 unitS MNMF15B Rice Whitener
1 unit MJP63×3 Rice Grader
6 units LDT110/26 Elevators
1 set Control Cabinet
1 set dust/husk/bran collection system and installation materials
Capacity: 1300-1700kg/h
Power Required: 63KW
Overall Dimensions(LxWxH): 9000×4000×6000mm
The 1.5TPH Small Rice Milling Line Designed by FOTMA has following features:
1. It's equipped with a improved efficient combinations sieve to save floor space, saving investment, reduce enerygy consumption;
2. Automatic operation from the paddy loading to finished white rice;
3. Higher milling yield & fewer broken rice;
4. Convenient installation and less maintenance;
5. Low investment & high return;
6. The electronica packing scale, water polisher and color sorter are optional, to produce high quality rice and pack the finished rice into bags.

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