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FMN16C Rice Whitener with Iron Roller

1. The automatic water system
2. Double pressure
3. The adjustable grinding the white interior pressure
The new big production rice whitener have its representative sampling, built-in motor. With the automatic water system, it can adapt to the processing of different rice varieties. Double pressure, activity of rice knife, the adjustable grinding the white interior pressure. The effect of the rice white is good. The design of the cold air negative pressure can achieve the water, add less broken; Used with magnetic separation device of double feed valve, it can realize flow trimmer.
The characteristics of the machine:
1. The upgrading of the equipment air system, making the air distribution in the white uniform room, better chaff.
2. The upgrading of the cooling equipment for the better decrease of the rice temperature.
3. Using the latest paint spraying technology and high-grade paint to enhance the overall appearance of the equipment.
Item FMN16C
Capacity (kg/h) 3000-4500
Air volume (m3/h) 1400-2000
Static Pressure (Pa) 1500-2000
Power (kw) 18.5+1.5, 22+1.5
Dimension (mm) 2260*700*2015

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