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Grain and Oil Machinery Industry has Made New Progress in Introducing and Utilizing Foreign Capital

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With the further deepening of China's reform and opening up, the grain and oil machinery industry has made new progress in introducing and utilizing foreign investment. Since 1993, we encourage international grain and oil equipment manufacturers to set up joint ventures or wholly owned owned grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. The emergence of these joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises not only brought us the highest and the latest manufacturing technology in the world, but also brought advanced governance experience. Not only did our country's grain and oil machinery manufacturing industry introduce competitors, which brought pressure, At the same time, our enterprises turn pressure into a motive force for survival and development.


After more than two decades of unremitting efforts, China's grain and oil machinery industry has made great strides. The rise of grain and oil machinery industry in our country provided equipment for new construction, expansion and transformation of grain and oil industry enterprises and initially met the needs of the grain and oil industry. At the same time, the earth mill, soil grind and soil squeezed grain and oil processing workshops were completely eliminated, The end of relying on imports, the grain and oil processing industry to achieve the mechanization and production technology continuity. The processing of the national grain and oil products met the market supply from the quantity to the quality at the time, ensured the military needs of the people and supported the development of the national economy.


The experience of world development shows that at a certain stage of social development, people are no longer satisfied with the supply of food for a certain number of times. Given the many aspirations of its security, nutrition and health care, leisure and entertainment, the proportion of manufactured products in food industry will substantially increase It is estimated that the total amount of food consumption in the industry will increase from 37.8% to 75% -80% at present, reaching 85% of the advanced level in developed countries basically. This is the basic starting point for the development strategy of China's grain and oil machinery and equipment industry over the next 10 years.


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