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International Rice Supply and Demand Remain Loose

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US Department of Agriculture in July supply and demand balance data show that the global output of 484 million tons of rice, the total supply of 602 million tons, the trade volume of 43.21 million tons, the total consumption of 480 million tons, ending stocks of 123 million tons. These five estimates are higher than the data in June. According to a comprehensive survey, the global rice stockpayment ratio is 25.63%. The supply and demand situation still remains relaxed. The oversupply of rice and the steady growth of trade volume have been achieved.


As the demand of some rice importing countries in Southeast Asia continued to increase in the first half of 2017, the export price of rice has been on the rise. Statistics show that as of July 19, Thailand 100% B-grade rice FOB offer US dollars 423/ton, up US32 dollars/ton from the beginning of the year, down US dollars 36/ton over the same period last year; Vietnam 5% broken rice FOB price of US dollars 405/ton, up US dollars 68/ton from the beginning of the year and an increase of US dollars 31/ton over the same period of last year. The current domestic and international rice spreads have narrowed.


From the perspective of global rice supply and demand situation, supply and demand continued to be loose. The major exporting countries of rice continued to increase their production. In the latter part of the year, as new-season rice in Southeast Asia went public one after another, the price lacks the basis for sustained rise or may further decline.

International rice supply and demand remain loose


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