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New Internet of Things Intelligent Milling Machine

Views: 103     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-05-18      Origin: Site


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At present, China's grain processing industry has low product technology content and few high-quality products, which seriously restricts the upgrading of the grain processing industry. Therefore, it is urgent to explore a new path for the transformation and upgrading of the grain industry. After the "Smart China" was put forward, the Internet of Things was identified as an important starting point for assisting the economic transformation and upgrading. The Internet of Things technology was applied to the research of the grain industry, the engine of grain processing and transformation was used, and the use of Internet of Things technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Optimizing the status of China's grain industry with “strong rice and weak rice" is a general trend.

In addition to the improvement in rice milling devices, the new Internet of Things smart rice milling machine also relies on the“Traditional Internet of Things logo management public service platform”logo trace ability technology to trace all sources of fresh rice being milled to ensure food security. After consumers buy rice, they will obtain the rice tracing QR code. Through scanning the code, you can view the information about the bagged rice from rice cultivation, processing and transportation. Each batch of rice is given its unique identity, and it establishes a whole-process certification, tracking, and monitoring service system for rice. Even if there are security problems, it can achieve “the source is traceable and the responsibility can be traced.”

Nowadays, food safety has become the focus of common concern of the whole society. As an indispensable material basis in daily life, food security is the most important issue. Trace ability of the various aspects of the food supply chain is the mainstream program that the international community currently respects for food safety issues. The person in charge of the new rice milling machine project stated that “The new rice milling machine is equipped with traceable technology and can infiltrate the food safety trace ability system into the lives of residents, helping to nurture consumers' awareness of purchasing healthy food for purchasing traceable foods and ensuring consumption. The rights and interests will further promote the development of the food safety trace ability system and increase the sense of security of consumers on the entrance.

New Internet of Things Intelligent Milling Machine

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