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Speed ​​up the Promotion of Food Machinery Drying, Reduce Grain Losses

Views: 31     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-01-14      Origin: Site


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In our country, rice, rapeseed, wheat and other crops main producing areas, dryer market is mainly for low temperature circulating products. With the large-scale development of agricultural production needs, there will be a new trend for large tonnage, multi-species drying equipment in the future.

Accelerating the promotion of grain drying machinery and minimizing the loss of stored grain is not only an important way to ensure high yield and bumper crops, stabilize the total grain output and increase farmers' income, but also an important means of ensuring the quality of food.

With the gradual expansion of the state subsidies for agricultural machinery, grain drying equipment should be increased investment.

On the one hand, the use of food storage as a carrier, the use of existing venues, expanding drying equipment into state-owned grain depot, is conducive to drying scale and equipment utilization; is conducive to large quantities of food emergency treatment; is conducive to state-owned assets management; The state grasps the grain source; it is good for food technicians to use their expertise in drying and reserve testing to ensure the national food security.

On the other hand, the state promulgated a subsidy policy on drying facilities as soon as possible, increased the scope of subsidies for farm machinery, encouraged social fund-raising and solved the problem of grain drying due to the large-scale land transfer. At the same time, the dryer business to increase technical input, research and development to produce better quality, reliable use, energy saving, easy operation, affordable universal models, to achieve "a multi-purpose" to improve the dryer Use efficiency, promote the development of drying mechanization.

Speed up the promotion of food machinery drying, reduce grain losses

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