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Thoughts on Development of China's Food Machinery Manufacturing Industry

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Challenges and opportunities always coexist. In recent years, many world-class grain processing machinery manufacturing companies have settled down in our country and established a complete manufacturing system for food processing machinery and electronic equipment and sales companies. They gradually purchase of China's strong grain manufacturing industry in a planned way, in order to monopolize the domestic market. The entry of foreign equipment and technologies into the domestic market has squeezed the living space of domestic grain machine manufacturing industry. So China's grain machine manufacturing industry is facing enormous challenges. However, it also urges the machinery manufacturing industry to open up new markets, seek exports and go to the world.

In recent years, there have been more and more domestic grain machine manufacturing enterprises which has exported their products. The export trade volume has been increasing year by year. Chinese grain machines has occupied some place in the international market. According to the statistics of the Customs, from January to April 2006, the export of grain processing machinery and parts in China reached 15.78 million U.S. dollars and the export of livestock and poultry machinery was 22.74 million U.S. dollars.

Nowadays, the domestic grain machine manufacturing industry exists some problems such as the low level of technical equipment, weak brand awareness and the management concept need to be improved. Based on current situation of China's grain industry, the domestic grain processing machinery manufacturing enterprises should solidly consolidate the internal strength, do a good job in industrial consolidation, increase their market competitiveness, expand their business areas, look toward the broader international market. In the field of export trade, grain enterprises in our country should establish a firm and lasting partnership, form a strategic alliance, make full use of resources to gain market, jointly set up offices and after-sales service agencies in other countries to reduce costs and solve the problems of pre-sale and after-sales of export products service. So that China's machinery manufacturing exports to a new level.

Development of China 's grain machinery manufacturing industry

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