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A destoner is a machine that removes the small stones and clods from raw paddy or other grains. Our destoner is applied for the efficient separation and excellent removal of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from a stream of grain. The destoner is available in different sizes with a range of throughput capacities of 2t/h to10t/h.

In addition to the Paddy, the destoner is also used for processing wheat, rye, rice, and soybeans. With its outstanding separating efficiency, the destoner effectively removes even small and lighter-weight stones the size of a grain kernel from the stream of product, thus ensuring excellent cleaning of the grain. 
Through its excellent cleaning of the raw materials, the destoner creates the conditions required for achieving a high end product purity and thus for complying with food safety standards. Due to their high separating efficiency and excellent grain cleaning, they are more and more welcomed among our customers.
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