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China's Grain Processing Machinery has Significant Advantages

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After more than 40 years of development of the grain processing machinery industry in our country, especially in the last decade or so, we have already had a good foundation. Many enterprises and products enjoy a good reputation both in the international and domestic markets, and some of them have become well-known Brand. After a period of rapid development, the grain and oil machinery manufacturing industry has started to shift from relying on its expansion to upgrading mainly through quality, which is now at an important stage of industrial upgrading.


The current production capacity and scale of China's grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises have been able to meet the different needs of the domestic market, and some products have been oversupplied. The current situation of the whole industry and the situation of supply and demand both at home and abroad make many enterprises feel that the scope of the domestic market is relatively narrow and the space for development has been constrained to a certain extent. However, in the international market, especially in the markets of developing countries, the grain-oil processing machinery with high quality and low price in our country has a vast space for development.


The market maturity of grain and oil machinery industry in China is also getting higher and higher. The products of some leading enterprises have enjoyed considerable competitive advantages in terms of mechanical design, manufacturing technology and technical services, and are close to foreign advanced standards such as light roller grinding Grinding flour technology, wheat peeling milling technology; rice processing low temperature drying rice, the selection of conditioning technology; oil processing puffing leaching, vacuum evaporation and secondary steam utilization technology, low temperature desolventizing technology and so on. In particular, some small and medium grain and oil processing single machine and complete sets of equipment cost-effective at home and abroad enjoy the reputation of inexpensive, domestic and foreign customers have become the eyes of the brand-name products. With the acceleration of economic globalization and the intensified market competition, China's grain processing machinery industry is facing new opportunities and new challenges in the international and domestic markets.

China's grain processing machinery has significant advantages

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